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Hey there! I’m Tyler. My last name means “badwolf” in Norwegian and this is my (badwolf)blog! I live in New York City and I’ve had a lot of jobs over the last few years. I worked as the social media coordinator for until the raid, in 2015, by federal authorities. After that I was the editor of Manhunt Daily for a bit. And now I’m back to working for myself and taking freelance projects as they come (I spent 5 years at the School of Visual Arts and am a graphic designer and marketing consultant. When I feel like it). If you’re looking for contributors to your site or publication, I’d be very glad to discuss, and you can find samples of some of my favorite bits of writing here.


Through all of that, I’ve also worked as an elite companion and have been lucky to meet some amazing friends and get to travel the world a little bit in the process. If you have any interest in that side of what I do, I invite you to check out my personal website, which features detailed information about me and how best to contact me, as well as tons of photos of my butt.


I’ve had a lifelong fascination with male sexuality and the way we, as a culture/society/etc, engage with it. I also have a fascination with Penises that borders on obsessive. Your Penis is the one part of you that is pretty much entirely oriented towards bringing you pleasure, and we, as men, expend a ton of time and energy trying to pretend like that isn’t the awesomest thing that we’ve ever encountered. That’s weird!


My goal is to help guys realize that their genitals are not something to be ashamed of, or hidden away, despite what polite society might suggest. It’s just a body, after all. There’s nothing in the having of a body that is inherently shameful and I suspect it’s not doing great things for all of us, as a group, to pretend like there is.

Talking about our bodies, our genitals, what turns us on, how we masturbate, and how and why we have sex is the best possible way for us to overcome body shaming, anxiety over genital size and performance, and health issues (like HIV) that continue to generate stigma and ignorant responses to this day.  Knowing what’s real – whether it’s the size of your neighbor’s wang, or the reality of serosorting as a way to practice safer sex – is the best way to stay healthy, sane, and as sexually active as you want to be. Turns out honesty IS the best policy, when it comes to dicks.


Whether you’re gay or straight (or something in between), male, female, trans, or something I’m not clever enough to have a label for, the fact that you’re here means you probably think penises are pretty great. And you should! And we should talk about it! I love when you leave comments and I’ll do my best to respond to everything.



I love your penis, Tyler the Badwolf

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Unless you work at a dick factory, literally nothing on this blog is safe for work. So heads up: you’re gonna see penises, butts, general nudity, depictions of sexual interactions, and me saying words like dong, cock, wang, peenor, peen, jizz, bust, bate, fuck, stroke, and ballback, ad nauseam.