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Do you have a product/site/service that you’d like to see me talk about here? Let’s chat!  My blog is not in any way ad-supported because I really enjoy not being beholden to anyone else’s expectations. It keeps me from having to stretch the truth about anything I review, which lets readers believe what I say instead of trying to filter out any market-speak or compensated compliments.


Anything you see me discuss here happens on my own terms and because I genuinely really enjoy whatever it happens to be. I tend not to write bad reviews about things because I just don’t think it’s worth my time say negative shit about something. I’d so much rather expend my energy telling people what I think is great or special or important.


If you represent something you think is special or great or important, I’d love to hear about it! It can be anything you think might be of interest to me or my audience: a toy, a book, an art exhibit, an experience, an adult party, or a really hot prØn thing.  I will almost always agree to receive comp goods or services in exchange only for a fair review, but I’m not super interested in being paid to say nice things.


Here’s a quick rundown of what the readership here tends to look like:


• Badwolf/Blog readers are primarily male (85%), aged 24-64. They tend to live in the United States (56%), Canada (5.5%), and the UK (5.5%). Most (64%) speak English.

• Readers tend to revisit the site often, with the bulk of returning users checking in between 9-14 times per month, reading 5-7 pages per visit.

• For the bulk of readers, interests outside of penises and what penises can do tend to include arts, movies, technology, travel, and politics. They shop online often and like being ahead of the curve when it comes to gadgets, toys, and experiences.


I’m glad to answer any specific questions you might have about readers or who I am and what I do. Just shoot me an email!



I love your penis, Tyler the Badwolf

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