Alphabet of Stuff I’m Into: V


V is for…

tumblr_o0353gBhSL1u81hjso1_400Voyeurism – I FUCKING LOVE TO WATCH. I cannot stress this enough. At the urinal, in the locker room, on the subway. There’s nothing that makes my stomach flip as fast a glimpse up somebody’s shorts, with all the goods on display.  I have a completely clear memory of being a small child at a water park and spending my whole day going all over the part to try and see up the swimsuits of the other dads that were sitting or swimming in the park.

Watching doesn’t have to mean strangers though. I’d love to come over and get naked and then just spend the evening across from each other in the living room – watching and jacking off – with absolutely no distractions. I love to stand toe to toe with a guy while we jack off and then cum all over each other. Everybody has a different way with their own body and you can really learn a lot by watching how somebody strokes their dick, or or licks their lips, or reaches behind their balls to get to that spot, that just makes what’s happening so much better.

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