Letter S, Sucking, Stroking

Alphabet of Stuff I’m Into: S


S is for…


Stroking – Call me naïve or whatever. But for me, often times, there’s nothing as special as getting to stroke off with another guy. It can even be more intimate than sex sometimes. Sharing this part of you – this thing you’ve done all your life, but always alone – with someone. Showing another dude how you like to slide your hand up and down your cock. Letting him watch you work yourself the way only YOU can. Hitting all the best spots until you pump cum into your own waiting fist for a guy can be super bonding.


S is also for


Sucking – I really get off on great head. Like, it takes no time at all for me to come from a guy who knows how to suck a dick. And I know how to suck dick. The best is when you can go totally sloppy and crazy on everything – make somebody really hold their breath because you can get both of their balls in your mouth and they don’t know whether to come or pass out. And if I can’t get ’em both, well, I always like a challenge 😉


The dream:

S is for, Stroking, Sucking, Cum, GIF

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