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Alphabet of Stuff I’m Into: N


N is for…


Naked Time – I have a really hard time typing that phrase without an exclamation point at the end. That’s how serious about it I am. I am always glad to be somewhere that clothing is either optional or shunned, and that’s a big part of my fascination with the Russian Turkish Baths in New York. If you ever wanna do naked stuff somewhere, but have been too afraid or just unsure what to expect, I’d love to talk about going with you some time!

There’s nothing quite like all-male nonsexual nudity. It’s really a thing that helps men be more comfortable around each other (which seems like the opposite of what one might expect) and I’m totally at home there.


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This blog has a TON of super adulty stuff in it. You gotta be 18+ and into that (or at least be working on an incognito tab, bro).
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