Letter L, Learning, Sex education

Alphabet of Stuff I’m Into: L


L is for…


Learning – One of my favorite things is learning from the different people I’m with. I take instruction very well. I’m also very intuitive. But if there’s something you want me to do, there’s nothing I like better than instruction. You like it harder? Tell me. You wanna see me gag? TELL ME. You want me to pull your big balls until you cry? I WILL DO THIS. Tell me!

Every person I meet who wants to get naked with me is like a fresh take on sex ed:


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Unless you work at a dick factory, literally nothing on this blog is safe for work. So heads up: you’re gonna see penises, butts, general nudity, depictions of sexual interactions, and me saying words like dong, cock, wang, peenor, peen, jizz, bust, bate, fuck, stroke, and ballback, ad nauseam.

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