Alphabet of Stuff I’m Into: F



F is for…


I think it’s no surprise that F is for Fucking – It’s not the first thing I want to order the first time I go into a place. But if I like how the other things are going, and I feel like getting up inside somebody else is only going to improve things, it can be the very best thing there is.  I’m not joking though – it can take a long time to get me to the point where I’m ready to fuck somebody. That’s way too intense for first date shenanigans.

Josman's My Wild and Raunchy Son, Fucking, Father


F is also for

Frottage – Easily the most overlooked sexual act, frottage (rhymes with fromage, not co-tage) is all about intensity and chemistry. I’ve shot from this, in public, and very obviously (if anyone was wactching). Technically a ‘paraphilia’ in which there are repetitive sexual urges to gain gratification by rubbing against another person, often acted out in a public place. Delicous. Public places not required.


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Unless you work at a dick factory, literally nothing on this blog is safe for work. So heads up: you’re gonna see penises, butts, general nudity, depictions of sexual interactions, and me saying words like dong, cock, wang, peenor, peen, jizz, bust, bate, fuck, stroke, and ballback, ad nauseam.

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