Alphabet of Stuff I’m Into: D

D is for…


Dominance – I’m very interested in D/s play. If you’re wanting to engage in some Dominance play time, let me know, and let’s discuss.  I’m not so much a fan of physical dominance, but I am your Superior in nearly every regard and I will behave as such. We’ll have to determine what you’ll get out of the situation…




D is also for

Drugs/Drinking – Smoking was my one last vice. I miss it terribly, but it was killing me, I’m told. But if you smoke, you’re welcome to it. I’m happy to enjoy it secondhand. I think that’s still allowed. Drug (all kinds) free, but comfortable around 420. Nothing stronger in my presence though. I hate feeling responsible for someone, should something go awry.

I’ve also been sober for several years, but I would be terribly disappointed if you took that to mean that you shouldn’t enjoy a cocktail or a nice glass of wine in my company. Just because I’m deeply in love with seltzer, doesn’t mean everyone needs to be.

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This blog has a TON of super adulty stuff in it. You gotta be 18+ and into that (or at least be working on an incognito tab, bro).
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