Field Trip: Boston, MA

So you know I really try to keep my complaining about things to a minimum here or at least to a point.  But holy cow. I have had just the WORST week! I had this great plan to get out of the city for a while and stay at a fancy hotel, and do some Halloweening and meet some people and see some leaves and instead, I spent almost a week in bed watching the Sex and the City movie on E! over and over.

The trip started out bad when I woke up Wednesday with a little fever.  Nothing to worry about, I thought, took some DayQuil and proceeded to put myself together and pack my bag for Boston.  By the time it was time to leave, my Amazon package with my Halloween costume was late and the shipping status had changed from “in transit” to “delivery attempted” even though I’d been home all morning waiting for it.  So off I went without.

Over the course of the bus ride, I could feel things sliding downhill, and by the time we pulled into South Station I was feeling pretty bad.  I got to my hotel and sent an email to a friend I was supposed to meet late  that night saying I was going to get a bite and take a nap and meet him later. But after said bite and nap, I was worse for the wear and had to cancel him. By about midnight, I was in full blown flu mode: fever, stomach pain, soreness, sweating, complaining.

Thursday I was meant to go to the Manhunt Mansion Halloween party (which I now had no costume for – thanks, Amazon) with Bravo Delta, and so I had to text him and cancel that as well.  It was everything I could do to stay lucid enough to put together the Rentboy newsletter before passing out for more scary fever dreams and replays of SATC (I’d already seen it twice at this point).

Friday, I was ready to throw in the hope of getting to see any changing leaves or meeting any new friends.  I went ahead and cancelled my whole day and hoped that Saturday might be a different story.  We’d made it to 4 on the SATC movie count by now, and my stomach pain had devolved into some terrible, every-ten-minutes Halloween bathroom surprises, and I was thinking about jumping off my balcony just to be done with it.

Well it’s Saturday night now, and while my fever has broken, my throat is still closed up, and I look like I’ve been in bed all week, and I’ve seen Carrie almost get married and then actually get married six times, and this whole trip was a bust and I’m totally embarrassed about having set up dates that I wasn’t able to keep and so now I’m looking at a return trip possibly in January to make up for this one (and wow was THAT a run-on sentence).  Not that I miss Boston winters, but I feel badly about all of the cool people I had to cancel on this trip, and the many more I didn’t have the chance to respond to yet!

If we were meant to meet up this week and couldn’t, please keep an eye out for my travel ad in Bean Town in the next couple months and let’s rebook.

I’m sort of on the mend now, but a night in my own bed will be a very good thing for me.  Miserable times, you guys.


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Halo Tyler, wow! It sounds like you had a very bad case of the flue. This is rickyt in Los Angeles. I know that this is about 4 weeks late, I just hope that all is well with you now. Love and Light.



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