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So.  The time has come for this all to step up a bit, hmm? Regular readers will know that I am sometimes a lazy blogger, so those readers are my favorite because they keep sticking around even when I haven’t said anything for months.

It’s a new year, a new month just now, and I have a brand new website and some weird new feelings about how grown-uppy this has all gotten.  When I first started companionship work and built my first site as part of a media & marketing class at SVA, I never saw it going any further than that; a fun thing that I did on the side to make extra cash for books and jocks and boots.  But it has become something more than that to me now.  It’s an important part of who I am, and it has lead me to opportunities that I could never have dreamed.  I’m the social media coordinator for the largest escort advertising service in the world. And I get to travel all over and meet cool people who have cool lives and jobs and who enjoy the luxury of just spending time together.

I think that gets overlooked in the crashbang of sexuality that is the male escort world.  Working with Rentboy.com I see what seems like a never ending stream of abs and tans and huge dicks and round asses and so little focus on who these guys are, and how you might get to engage with them.  And I guess that’s all right. Maybe you are just renting them and you don’t need to know more.  But wouldn’t you like to? What if they were fascinating pervert weirdos who could expand your horizons, even ever so slightly?

That’s easily proven to be the best part about this work (which I hate even calling it, truly – work); the chance to get to know someone (or a sliver of someone) in a sort of instantly intimate way.  To forego the lifetime of first dates and small talk and dinners and chores, and be instantly available to someone, emotionally and physically.  It’s… like magic. I don’t have good words to describe it, but the encounters I’ve had – while many of them are physical, have almost never been relegated simply to that.  I’m fascinated by the men I get to meet, and I’m flattered and honored that they continue to reach out to me. To tell me about their lives.  It’s cool as shit!

So, now that this is overly mushy and verbose already, let me cut it short and welcome you to something a little better than before. Something adulty-er. And let me thank you coming here in the first place.  I would just be some sexy pervert weirdo talking to myself if you didn’t.

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Unless you work at a dick factory, literally nothing on this blog is safe for work. So heads up: you’re gonna see penises, butts, general nudity, depictions of sexual interactions, and me saying words like dong, cock, wang, peenor, peen, jizz, bust, bate, fuck, stroke, and ballback, ad nauseam.

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