High Class For What?


High Class Escorts are really their own sort of beast. Working for Rentboy.com I’m exposed to the way a TON of different people market their work.  What they choose to discuss and how they present themselves and even sometimes who their clients are – it all gets put online sometimes.  Some of it is good and inspirational, and some of it is terrifying and sad.  I came across an escort recently who is working on a video project where he answers questions about escorting or about his life and watched the first few clips he had posted.

It was mostly banal sort of ‘here’s who I am’ things, but in describing his ‘first time’ as an escort, I was mortified to watch as he gradually and conversationally exposed the identity of this first client.  Without really even thinking about it, he divulged the street address, the place of employment, and even the actual job this man had at that organization.  I was blown away.

I really try never to compare myself or how I operate to other escorts or even really other situations.  I am my own thing, and if you know me – you get that. But I was instantly compelled to sort of make a point of saying that I wouldn’t ever choose to discuss so much as the smallest detail of anyone that I’d met in this line of work.  I find that kind of kiss-and-tell behavior to be beyond the pale and representing of the worst of what this world has to offer.  It validates and encourages the fears that every client already comes to the table with.

High class escorts usually aren't.

People who say that about themselves, usually aren’t.

Exposing this guy or pointing readers to this video isn’t my goal here.  But I think there’s good reason to be wary of anyone who refers to themselves as “high class.”  “People who say that about themselves, usually are,” as Tracey Jordan said ironically on 30 Rock to Jenna’s proclamation about her personal classiness.

My point in all of this, is that discretion, as I learned early on – is a two way street.  If you engage with someone who is or desires to be a high profile worker, you may get pulled into that.  Whether you want to or not.  It is my belief that escorts have a duty to their profession to avoid gossiping and certainly to avoid gossiping on youtube. But I can’t tell others how to do their jobs. I just kind of have to watch as their mistakes unfold in front of them.



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Rory Williams

And then, of course, there’s Teofil Brank.

Rory Williams
Saw this on your Twitter and this seemed the best post to raise it in:: Part of the move towards mainstream cultural acceptance is that ppl are gonna write pedantic & unimaginative stuff: http://fusion.net/story/107376/part-time-male-gay-sex-work/ … Was curious about your negative reaction. OK, it’s not Woodward & Bernstein, but it does (at least in my mind) paint “part-timers” in a positive light. As a client, I’ve found that guys who are P/T with outside careers are usually better conversationalists, more fun, and far more connected and engaged both in and out of the sheets than F/T guys. There are exceptions on… Read more »


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