About That Thing That Happened

I don’t really know what to say here, or if there’s anything to say. But it’s all I’ve been able to think about for nearly a week now, so I wanted to try and say something. 

My heart hurts over what has transpired – most especially for all of the men and women who were arrested from their homes in the early morning and told they were criminals by federal authorities from agencies that might ordinarily have nothing to do with them. I am sad and I am frightened for their futures.

With regard to what has transpired, I’m in the best position that I can be in right now. I have legal support and friends and family who know what is happening in my life. But some people involved may have less of that than I do.  So please send your thoughts and good wishes their way.

If you have sent me a message and have not heard back, there is some degree to which my hands are sort of tied there. If I can get back to you, I certainly will, and if not, please don’t take it personally. There’s just a LOT coming from all angles right now.

Best way you can stay in tune with me is getting on my mailing list. If there are changes to my situation or I need help, that is where updates will happen first.


Everyone who has reached out has been amazing and there is an undercurrent of support amongst almost all of the media reports I’ve encountered. That is encouraging. Keep everyone involved in your thoughts. That’s about the best I can offer right now.





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