Don’t Hire ‘Kip.’

I’m the sort of guy who usually rolls his eyes at most ‘web series.’ It’s a deeply instilled belief that if your series was any good, somebody would pay to put it somewhere (even if it wasn’t very good sometimes CBS will still put it on tv for a shockingly long time!). Creators wouldn’t have to pay to make it and then stick it on YouTube. But sometimes you get surprised. There are people making good stuff, and Coffee House Chronicles has been mostly good stuff. But this new episode is… oddly familiar, and pretty uncomfortable. I’ve known a few Kip’s in my time in the business, and they’re almost all really depressing.

Escorts who are truly good at what they do – who really love it and get as much out of it as any client ever does – don’t let this kind of trainwreck meeting take place. This is amateur hour stuff. It’s literally your whole job to give the person paying the dream that they’re after. And if you can’d do that, why is this your job? Guys who hire – take note. You get to be picky for the price you’re paying, and you shouldn’t hire guys like Kip. Jamison makes the right call here and sends this sloppy/lazy guy on his way.

I don’t care how many scenes you’ve shot or how long you’ve been in the business, if you can’t bring it to every engagement with your clients, you don’t need to be doing this work.

Check out episode 4 of Coffee House Chronicles:

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An escort has a right to set any price, any condition and be with anyone he chooses. I loved the short film. What, an escort can’t have morals? Is this where gay men have arrived? Morality is out the window because we see someone who has some?

It’s sad to think that so man gay men are actually gossipy old ladies who peer out over their bifocals to judge something they know little about: namely, other men without the trappings of PC in their sex lives.



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Classy AF.

I can't tell you how impressed I am with this guy. This is the definition of a "classy move." Thank you Dewitt. DM me sometime.  <3