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VIDEO: Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are for books, black coffee, and the Times.


I still manage to find a way to work every day, but I try to take Sunday mornings for myself. Most of my friends aren’t up before noon anyway, and even the rest of the city seems to sleep in an extra bit before the start of their next week. Early Sunday mornings are the best times to be up and out in New York. At least for a paper and take out coffee anyway. Then back to bed until it’s time to do something real.

Music is Vince Guaraldi Trio, video password is ‘badwolf’





It may already be time for a nap.


– t

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What a handsome and sexy guy you are! The music was a perfect accompaniment to the beauty of your Sunday.


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Thanks for this video, natural and sexy


i agree with sam , perfect vid , very handsome ,,,, never cut ur hair 😉


Damn, but I want to play with your hair!



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