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Subway Flasher Ruins Woman’s Life: Details Remain Unclear


If a subway flasher has the ability to “take away your power,” you should live somewhere else.


I’ve always believed I missed my destiny as a hardened New Yorker of yesteryear. When you could get hardcore porn in Times Square movie theaters and all the drugs you could ever want just outside those theater doors. I love this city’s coldness and its indifference and its uncanny ability to send people too soft to be here, right on back to wherever they came from.

Reading this Gothamist article today, I can’t help but wonder how much longer until its author takes New York’s unsubtle suggestions and packs up/ships out. Not everyone is built for this city, and if simply seeing a penis on the subway occasionally somehow removes your ability to feel “empowered” and “in control,” I hear Buford, WY is lovely this time of year.


“As I approached the mezzanine-level subway police station to report the platform flasher, I felt empowered and in control—two feelings that are stolen from you when someone shows you their penis without permission.”


Wait. What.

This article is clickbait of the worst possible kind: genital-shaming and sex-shaming masquerading as female empowerment and backs up our culture’s idea that even seeing genitals is going to damage and scar us all beyond repair. Remember this kid? Remember all the people who committed suicide and bombed small sovereign nations after seeing that young man’s dick in a photo? Remember how everything was changed forever??

Nonsense like this takes attention and resepct away from the hundreds of assaults that occur on the subway each year, where people’s bodies are violated, and their lives and safety threatened.



If you just had to see some balls you weren’t expecting, you’re gonna be goddamn fine.



Here are my questions/thoughts about this story and this incident, in order of occurrence, as I read:


  • Am I already supposed to be suspicious that this story isn’t going to back up your claim of “true city grit?”
  • This already sounds like something between a (likely unwell) man and a column, all the way across the platform, not between that man and you.
  • Why are you letting other people ‘disempower’ you from across a subway platform? You’re an adult human.
  • I realize that part about the police man not being able to leave his post because you saw a penis was supposed to be shocking, but, no.
  • I genuinely can’t pretend like that testicle guy isn’t hilarious.
  • Why does the ‘anonymous’ reporter from the testicle guy story describe seeing testicles as ‘invoking fear?’ What’s going on with his life?
  • Ok, the author is even listing this kind of exposure as a disorder. Why is someone who is likely psychiatrically very unwell imbued with the power to threaten you this way? From across a subway platform? What is your life like that you spend your hours concerned about yourself like this? Do you have no empathy for the fact that this person probably has a serious problem and needs help? Seeing his penis is so damaging that you needed to write a whole article?
  • The last sentence of this is hugely troubling. Nobody swept anything under the rug in this story, and to imply that because they didn’t send a SWAT team in to save you from seeing genitals is childish and strange.



You should read the entire article for yourself. And you should also know that sexual assault is a huge problem for the MTA, that has no simple solution.

But if the sight of someone else’s body takes away your power and leaves you feeling damaged, it stands to reason that you might need as much help as the flasher here does. Or at least to live in a place that has anything close to the time to worry about such things. Is it a crime to expose yourself to someone in public? It sure is. Are you gonna be ok, having seen that peen or vag without warning? Yeah. You are.


Nut up and get real or be honest that New York isn’t for you.


– t

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