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Barny The Frat Boy: The Swim Team


Just in time for the Olympics!


Well, I mean, I found it, just in time for the Olympics! This particular comic by legendary illustrator and writer Valentine, is actually from the June, 2005 issue of Handjobs Magazine – the magazine that defined a large part of my youthful understanding of sexuality and gave me all sorts of dirty ideas I’d never have come up with on my own. Barny and his adventures were a regular staple of the publication and saw him through college, frat life, the army, and at one point (I think) being a hobo. Regardless, I don’t have any preaching to do about body issues today, so let’s just read smutty comics instead.

Barny the Frat Boy: The Swim Team


From what I gather from the comments, some of you guys already know about Handjobs and loved it as much or more than I did. So I’m gonna try and dip into that from time to time here and post some of my favorite comics or stories. I still read all my back issues all the time, and even came across this art review the last time I was looking for a story I remembered.

It’s too bad the actual Olympics aren’t this naked though. Then we wouldn’t have to focus so much on swim bulges.



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Where do you find these? Where are there more?



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