Trump’s Penis Removed From Park: 5 For the Weekend


A naked statue of Donald Trump’s penis in New York, Gawker is O-V-A-H, you can cum from tweaking your nipples, with bonus boner dancing.


We did it everybody. We made it to Friday! I’m halfway through my hair prison sentence, and I can officially shower and go back outside by like Saturday Night/Sunday morning. I’ve got some reading to do and some technical prep to get ready to move my site over to Switzerland. But otherwise it’s gonna be a lot of naps and jackin’ it and wondering if I should just cut my stupid hair off because it’s so damn hot out.

This week’s 5 to get your weekend started include a very short lived art installation in New York’s Union Square Park, featuring a highly naked Donald Trump and Trump’s penis, which seemed to be the only part that amused anyone. As you know, I’m in favor of a little dick, but not usually when it’s attached to such a big one. Luckily there’s also a guy who can make himself cum just from nip play (and has a TON of videos to prove it) and the best 6 second boner dance you’ll watch all day.  Also, the world bids farewell to unethical trash publication Gawker, and Things My Dick Does takes on bush grooming.

Let’s go:

Gawker Shut Down, Out of Business NYC Parks Department: Donald Trump’s Penis Is Disturbing BBC Naked, Bounce, Dancing, Sexy, Stripper Nipple play until cum, uncut BBC, Jack off Things My Dick Does, Penis shaving, Pube Style



That ought to get you ready for a weird weekend. Or at least give you a couple things to share with people on the internet. That nipple guy. Idk. I wish I had that power. Mine are purely decorative, I think.




Other good stuff from this week:

Tyler the Badwolf, Cockring, Penis ring, Fort Troff, OxBalls, Mr. S Leather, Ball Stretcher

In defense of small penises

Buzzfeed Body Shaming Men, Speedos, Budgie Smugglers,

No Man's Sky, Video Game, Penis, Phallic, Dick Monster, Alien

Barny the Frat Boy, Valentine, Handjobs, Swimming


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