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So I like compliments! So sue me!


I just wanted to share a couple of really ultra flattering posts about my new site that came across my desk the last couple of days. These guys both deserve your traffic, so you should click through and read the full stories at their respective blogs. :


From favoritehunks.blogspot.ca:

Howl: The Bad Wolf Rises

One of the most fascinating men that I interviewed last year was Tyler Dårlig Ulv. (Solitary Creature) Tyler is visually, an incredibly sexy man. But spend a little time on his website or his twitter, and you instantly feel his sexual appeal is far more layered than just what’s seen on the surface.

Tyler is a bit of a renaissance man, utilizing his many attributes and talents within his work as a model, artist, writer and promoter. Tyler’s skill with promotion is beautifully evident in his ability to create an addictive aura of desirability around everything he does…


See all the photos and read the full article at favoritehunks.blogspot.ca.



From bamabarecub.com:

‘other tyler’

It’s an interesting predicament when your spouse and a good friend share the same name. I call mine ‘My Tyler.’ Or, when speaking directly to him… Tyler.

I call the second one “Other Tyler,” but you may know him by another moniker – Tyler Dårlig Ulv… or Tyler the Bad Wolf.

His full website relaunched tonight after an extended hiatus, and I want to spend a few moments here celebrating that fact and explaining what this guy means to me.

If you’re not aware of whom I speak… a) what’s wrong with you, and b) you really should get to know him. Click here to start that journey.

I credit Tyler with helping me on my own personal fight towards sex-positivity and self-acceptance. A role model, if you will.



If I were the sort of person who got easily choked up, this woulda done it. Go read all of his kind words at bamabarecub.com.


It blows my mind that literally anyone pays any attention to my constant penis babble or that someone would care enough to write words about words I’d written, so I’m tremendously flattered that these dudes took time out of their day to talk about me.


You guys are the best.



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