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Deviant Otter’s Heart-Shaped Balls: The 10 Best Pics


Deviant Otter may have my favorite testicles.


Tumblr is a great resource for pics of amazing balls. And if you’re following me on there, you’ve certainly seen more than anyone’s share of cool testicles posted to my tumblr. There’s something really great about a great set of nuts that I can’t even explain in any real detail. I just don’t even have the words for it.  I talked about that a little bit in this post about how ball cupping is a great way to shut me up immediately. But what, specifically, I love about balls sort of defies description.

That said, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better set of nuts than those swinging from my friend Deviant Otter. You should DEFFO be following him on tumblr (and subscribing to his site. He deserves your money). A thing I noticed over the years of hitting reblog every time one of his pics rolled across my dashboard was that his balls are almost perfectly heart-shaped. He’s got such swingy low-hangers that they always manage to sit dipped down in his sack, forming the top half of a heart shape. And their pendulous nature causes the full scrotum to look like… well, exactly like a heart! It’s actually really cool!

In honor of DO’s magnificent, well-formed nuts, here’s the ten best examples I’ve found of his dangly bits:



You can follow Deviant Otter on tumblr and twitter.  And now that you’ve seen how festively shaped those big bad balls are, y0u’ll probably never be able to unsee it. I know I can’t!


Thank goodness!



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