Adam Levine As Played By Bravo Delta: 5 For The Weekend


Pornstar Bravo Delta as Adam Levine, jacking off on the subway, Levi Karter is adorable, and how sexting might send you to jail.


How’s THAT for some clickbait headlining?

It’s Friday again! I started pulling this together last night with the hope of having it posted by the time I got up this morning, but noon will have to do. This was a strange week overall, and launching my site last Sunday had me super nervous for some negative pushback, but everything has gone pretty smoothly so far. The feedback has been positive and nothing has broken or gotten me arrested yet, so all is well. I have this ad up and this other one up, and people are seeing them, according to the stats pages. So. Onward and upward.

As far as weird penis shit for your weekend, we’ve got a SCUBA jack off thing where it gets kinda weird at the end (there’s jizz and fish and you do the math. Idk), and some weird fake nudes of Adam Levine (and possibly Daniel Radcliff?) slapped on the body of the big dick’d Bravo Delta. There’s also an adorable Levi Karter jack off clip (sorry for calling you adorable, LK. I mean “manly and aggressive and v v masc” when I say adorable), an analysis of how legal technicalities make almost ALL sexting potentially prosecutable, and two guys bustin’ on the train.

All good stuff:


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I’d love to tell you it’s tough to pull weird sex stuff out of my history every week, but it’s really not. This is all just shit I come across and love. You should love it too.


Send me your favorites in the comments.  And enjoy the holiday weekend!



Other good stuff from this week:

100 questions about elite companion Tylerthebadwolf


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I really think Levi is the most adorable porn actor around, and I could watch him reading the phone directory!


He’s also very hot when he bottoms.


How do you find these pics for Adam levine?


[…] how Joey and Chandler were 100% boning each other – at least a little bit – or this one where Adam Levine got superimposed on Bravo Delta), these aren’t just sloppy cut/copy/paste jobs, taking the head of a celebrity and jamming it […]



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