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Good Moooorning!


Confusing and upsetting: oddly literal bull balls.


Sometimes, when stuff comes to you without any context or explanation, it’s fascinating and magical. Other times, it’s like being dropped into a David Lynch film in media res. Today’s thing is that second one. Here’s me trying to explain it to my friend last night, who wasn’t looking at it with me:

It’s like, a man in a cow mask?

And he’s naked?

He’s naked, but his balls are like full of saline or silicone? It’s… a weird effect.

And he’s jacking off or something? 

He’s… No. It’s almost not sexual? The cow part makes it… not… seem sexual?

So what’s he doing?

Mostly just wagging his balls at the camera. And they’re fucking epic. I would be wagging them too.

Who is he?

No idea.

Why is he doing this?

No idea.

What was the video made for?

No idea.

What’s in his nuts to make them so big?

Yeah. No idea.



So. That’s the magic of the internet. For this morning, please to enjoy this bull balls guy and his amazingly huge and well formed (especially for silicone/saline injections – that usually ends up a lumpy, indistinguishable mess):






That’s… unsettling, right? Here’s some music you can play under it to lighten the tone of things a little bit.



Wednesday, everybody!


Good morning.



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