Hey! That’s My Wang!

Nothing serious. Just a little weekend surprise for everyone.


I sent it over to Instagram earlier (see it over there in the sidebar?), but I figured I’d share the full size and uncensored version here, cause I know you all appreciate the finer things in life lol.

Behold! My wang in tiny red underwears:



That Jahn Hall does good work. You should follow his Instagram for pictures of foine, foine young lads, amongst whom I am woefully out of place. But I do like the opportunity to feel special in front of his camera now and then 🙂

Bonus points: See if you can spot which cockring I’ve got on here.


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It’s a properly impressive “wang” at that.

Christopher Singleton

Love that wang!


Yeah! And on my birthday, too! I’ll take it as truth that my birthday was chosen for the date upon which this magical spark came forth to reach connection with those whose eye and imagination rests upon it, was little wink, to me. Cause I’m special.


Really handsome foreskin too


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