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The Gorgeous Anthony Varrecchia Through the Lens of Venfield8

Man, grownup dudes are so unbelievably sexy.


I don’t do a ton of ‘male model’ stuff on here, cause I love seeing the D, and those InstaFamous bros never wanna show it. That’s an exhausting tease and so I mostly stay away. But when these photos of gloriously muscly/beardy model Anthony Varrecchia made the rounds a few weeks ago, I made sure to bookmark it. For one, thing I’ve really looked at these a LOT since then. They really make my dick twitch. And also cause I knew I’d probably wanna share it here after everybody else stopped talking about it. I’m not here to ride any waves of popular content or talk about things just cause everyone else is. I just wanna share amazing things with you and talk about why they’re great.

And this bro is amaaazing. Behold:


I don’t know when my fixation on 50+ dudes started, but it’s real and profound. Guys like this, with those deep, masculine face lines, and rough skin and that walk that just says they’re cool with their dicks, those guys are IT for me. I don’t care how “hot” 20-something guys are, I’m always gonna talk to the guy with the fully-packed bulge, and that confidant ‘know what I’m doing‘ calm around them.

Although, I don’t know if I’d have much to say to Mr. Varrecchia, past “omgcanitouchyourpenis?!” Caaaause… I really wanna touch it.


You can and should follow Venfield8 on twitter and tumblr. I would LOVE to be part of this dude’s work some day. So clever and inventive and penis-oriented. I love it.

You can follow Anthony Varrecchia on instagram and join me in stalking him around NYC when he posts pics of places I can identify.




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Love this man with his masculine body and pierced penis. But I really want to thank you for turning me on to Venfield8, who has until now escaped my notice. His work is amazing. Like you, I love Penis. So many photographers taking photos of male nudes hide their penis by crossing their legs or showing their butt. Venfield8 shows the penis up front, where it should be. I really love his work and definitely plan to see more of it.


I agree about this model. The photos are ok but Anthony is ideal


[…] thoughtful, sensual (what a terrible word!) ways. That’s what was so alluring about this Anthony Varrecchia photoset by Venfield8; Varrecchia was presented as beautiful and captivating without being feminized or […]

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