Did International Jock Airbrush Penises Out of Nasty Pig Union Suits?

I’m still not sure what I’m even looking at.


Loyal readers will know that my vociferous complaints about crotch smashing are nothing new. I have repeatedly and plainly pointed out that the natural shape of the male body is flattened and compressed by mass-produced underwear made for bodies that don’t posses adult-sized, external genitals.  In addition, we’re subject to being shamed, ridiculed, and labeled “disgusting” by women (sorry, women who are conscientious about this. Don’t mean to lump you in as well) who have been conditioned to perceive any impression of a penis as a threat.

So I don’t know why it ever, ever strikes me as surprising to see new images of men with flat, “acceptable” crotches in advertisements for clothing and underwear. But it still does. Most especially so when it’s for a product made by one of the most sex-positive brands in existence today. Every single gay man I know owns something by Nasty Pig, even if it’s just a pair of their classic socks (which you can see on display in yesterday’s Defense of Watersports post). I personally own the union suit we’re about to discuss, several jocks, and a couple pairs of their briefs. And I own them because I like and believe in Nasty Pig’s authenticity and dedication to male (not exclusively homosexual) sexuality. They are celebrators and promoters of the genital bulge, of fetish culture, and of the sights, smells, and emotions involved in the pleasures of the penis.

So what a strange turn of events to see their classic Union Suit displayed thusly in a new emailer from underwear retailer International Jock:


I want to be clear here, that my complaint is not with this particular model’s endowment or participation in this. That guy is just doing his job and showing off the stuff. But there was, at some juncture, a decision made by a creative director or photographer to remove this man’s genitals from this image entirely. That isn’t me making dramatic proclamations about things I don’t know about. It’s just physics/biology/geometry/ability to see things with my eyes. The adult male body doesn’t look like this when you drape fabric over it, unless you got your dick tucked real fukkin tight:


By contrast (and I think this part is supremely important to my point about the sort of company Nasty Pig is) this same product on the Nasty Pig store is photographed and displayed thusly:




THAT is what a man’s body looks like in a union suit. In case you aren’t taking my point on this one just yet, here’s the zoom and enhance on that image, so you’re totally clear:

Nasty Pig, Union Suit, Underwear, Model, Penis, Bulge, Flat, Crotch, Ken Doll


That visible dickprint is not a mistake and it is not an oversexualized way to promote this product.




I’m not on board with this idea that men need to alter the shape or heft of our genitals because others are troubled or ashamed to see them or because clothing manufacturers like Gap, Inc. refuse to build in fabric to support them. I flat refuse to do that. It should not be an act of rebellion or a defiance of societal norms to go out in public without smashing your dick flat!

I’m also stupendously not on board with a company like International Jock going to any effort or lengths to obscure dicks from their product shots, or with the idea that they feel they must do so to market effectively.  It makes me (and many others) suspect that they don’t really have an interest in serving real men with real bodies.

All of this is not even addressing the fact that it’s also ludicrously out of touch with the actual product they’re trying to sell! You’re promoting something that, all it does is cradle and cover a man’s ass and D&B combo – that’s its SOLE FUNCTION as a garment – and you’re trying to pretend like the D&B aren’t even there!? Can you imagine a bra manufacturer trying to promote their products by only displaying them on women with no breasts?

That’s super duper dumb.


Nasty Pig, I commend you for your commitment to male sexuality and for allowing men all over the world to identify with a positive view of their bodies and their pleasure, whatever it happens to be. Keep that shit up.

International Jock, I’m gonna think about this post a lot before I send you any more money, even though I love so much of your product.


I gotta go put on three or four more cockrings until I feel better about this.


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Rory Williams
Rory Williams

As a dude with more of a cocktail wiener than a kielbasa, couldn’t the first model just have a teenie weenie?

Rain City Jack (@raincityjack)

Another canny observation. Love you, Tyler.

There is nothing in International Jock’s catalog that can’t be purchased elsewhere. They’re a distributor, not a manufacturer. On a side note, I have found most NP gear (including some sunsetted styles) at *slightly* discounted prices at doghouseleathers.com, though their web site architecture leaves much to be desired.


And there’s the biggest reason I buy from Pacific Jock and Jockstrap Central.


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Ned Brewer
Ned Brewer

I agree with what you say. We should have the same attitude toward our penises as women have toward their breasts. I have the same complaint about men who shave their pubes trying to look like little boys. Show what nature gave you. We’re men!


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Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)

Still significant inches out in front of actual underwear retailer @intljock anyway: https://t.co/E1DGhjbN0i

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