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Bravo Delta Sneaks Back Into Xtube

As well as sneaking into some dude in a public bathroom.


I love XTube because I think it’s a far more interesting selection of offerings than most major studio porn, and because I love when creative guys do creative stuff. Lest we forget, the only reason we know who Bravo Delta is today is because of XTube and Tumblr. That guy used to make a ton of really hot jack off videos featuring toys and fleshlights and basements, and those famous BD9 Indoor Sunglasses (to maintain his anonymity).

But then he went and got all Porn Famous™ and stopped updating XTube and everyone was sad times. Not that anyone was complaining about his work with Cockyboys or his stint as a Falcon A Team exclusive. He made some good stuff there that resulted in some good gifs. But studio porn is studio porn and it almost never takes place in a public restroom where other guys are wandering in and out during the action:


“I met a guy through a mutual friend and we did lunch together and then fucked in a public restroom. We stopped recording it a bunch of times, and then some random guy came in and started talking to himself so we kinda just stood there, frozen, with my dick still inside, until the guy finally left. Yeah, it was interesting to say the least.”


Lucky for us, Bravo decided to film his lunch hour bathroom times, and snuck it into his XTube profile with little fanfare a couple weeks ago. The only reason I ever even found out about it was because XT was all “hey, you might like this!” when I logged in a couple days ago. Thank god for algorithms.


Bravo Delta, Xtube, Public, Bathroom, Bareback, Raw, Cum, Suck, GIF, VideoBravo Delta, Xtube, Public, Bathroom, Bareback, Raw, Cum, Suck, GIF, Video


It’s a good clip and the dude with the dick in his mouth/butt is pretty cute. My only complaint is that you can’t totally tell where the bust point is, and I coulda used some “OMG I’M CUMMING OMG!” alarms. But I think I spotted it anyway:
Bravo Delta, Xtube, Public, Bathroom, Bareback, Raw, Cum, Suck, GIF, Video


You can watch the whole thing here. And you can jack your way back through time with Baby Bravo Delta’s old clips here.


Oh, XTube.





Max Cameron (who I have a secret crush on – shhh. Don’t tell anyone!) uploaded a vid late last night to his own XTube account featuring that Bravo Delta guy just taking out all his Folsom Frustrations on Max’s butt. It’s pretty short, but still pretty worth the watch. (You can get BD’s cockring from Gear Essentials here – the Surge!).


Bravo Delta, Xtube, Public, Bathroom, Bareback, Raw, Cum, Suck, GIF, Video, Max Cameron, Folsom



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He finally went bb!


the blower’s hand is pretty small… that goes to show that Bravo isn’t so big… angles make the difference. Plus the semi pre boned dong in most of his “soft” pics are a big giveaway. Who cares though?


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