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Tumblr Crush: Keirsraan

Grown up penis masturbator and tumblr superuser.


One of my greatest worries (my secret, inside worries. Not legitimate “oh, no I have a tumor,” or “oh, no, how will I pay my rent?” worries) is that I will become one of those men to whom sex and sex play become less important with age. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Everybody’s upbringing, experience, and biology are different, and for some guys that’s the natural progression.

But there’s always something in me (probably whatever part of my brain is powering my penis) that breathes a sigh of relief when I meet or see mature guys who are still playing with their dicks the same way they always were, regardless of marital status, age, occupation, or social acceptability. It’s reassuring to know that things don’t have to veer down that spermless, eternally flaccid, just-for-decoration penis road, if you don’t want it to. And a magical part about being alive and aware at this point in our shared history is that these guys are often more than willing to share themselves online. There’s a ton of dudes like this on Bateworld (the virtues of which I’ve extolled here), and there’s a smaller number of them on tumblr.

I think it’s safe to say there’s an even smaller number of them doing things as well as Keirsraan does on tumblr. Though he’s also fallen victim to The Nothing that I mentioned in this post (the unaccounted tumblr force that’s consuming adult video content indiscriminately thus ruining the thing that MOST people come to tumblr for), he’s managed to carve out a backup plan to save all his penis videos: a separate XHamster account that he could, ostensibly, use to embed or feature videos in his tumblr posts. So as the second in the Monday Masturbators series, let’s talk about this dude:

screenshot-www-tumblr-com-2016-10-10-19-23-03Regardless of tumblr’s poor business practices and ignorings of public outcry, Keirsraan is one of those great accounts (like Calboner) that I’m always overjoyed to see roll across my dashboard. His pics are personal and sexy and honest (you’ll never see filters or liquify tool at work here) and he just genuinely seems to get off on sharing his masturbation with his followers. At 58, this married Canadian describes himself as an exhibitionist, although I don’t know if I’d agree with that particular word. Most exhibitionists I know tend to focus more on public situations where they could get into trouble and are turned on by the high level shame factors at work.

Keirsraan seems ultra comfortable in his skin and the bulk of his content is from inside his home or various hotels he visits. It’s rarely, if ever, about getting ‘caught’ or getting in trouble, and never about shame or naughtiness. There’s something objectively classier happening with him – he’s exposing himself, yes, but not because he gets turned on by doing something naughty. He’s showing off his penis and the ways he seems to constantly be jacking it because he knows it’s special and because he knows it’ll turn you on. It’s not a creepy old guy flasher who wants to show you what’s going on under his trench coat sort of thing. It’s more of a you probably shouldn’t touch your uncle’s penis, but you know he loves you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you and plus you really really want to kind of thing. It’s a fine line, I know, but it’s there.

Here’s some of my favorite posts, pics, gifs, and video from Keirsraan, to show you what I mean:





Obviously, I’m a big fan of what this guy does – I think he’s incredibly sexy and open and I’d be proud to stroke a load out next to him. But on a personal level, it’s more about what he represents: a continuation of exploration, play, and sexual gratification well into an age where many would assume he shouldn’t still be interested. I love that guys like this can share themselves and inspire guys like me to keep stroking and keep learning.

Follow Kiersraan on tumblr here and subscribe to his XHamster channel here.



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Anthony Adamson

I have been a follower of Keirsraan’s from his beginning. I remember when he was pondering on wether to stop blogging or to continue. I knew he would continue. His following is immense and he has managed to fill a niche and a void in some people’s lives that no one else has really tapped (at least not the way he has) into. I for one, find him extremely sexy and he has set the bar for what I crave in a man/dad!


Tyler, I don’t think you have to worry about sex being less important and fun as you grow older. You’re just not the type. Nor am I. I’m enjoying masturbation more and I masturbate much more often than when I was young. It’s in large part because I have abolished fear, guilt, and shame from my life. Being impotent means only that you can’t make babies. Medical science has created drugs to overcome loss of function and — if one shops on the internet outside the US — they’re affordable to be used regularly.


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