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Piano Bro Sings One of My Favorite Songs

Ted Hu is adorable, and also knows all the right things about people I like.


It seems like virtually no one I talk to has any recollection of Poe or her legitimately flawless album designed to accompany her brother’s novel House of Leaves. But that doesn’t stop me from occasionally googling to see if anyone has done any interesting covers of those songs, or if Poe herself has decided she’s ready to be returned from recording exile. And on one such googling, I happened to luck into finding Ted Hu’s cover of Hey Pretty (which everyone is surely tired of hearing me do at karaoke) and fell in love a little.

Firstly, Ted Hu is wicked cute and he’s got a nice looking chest, and thighs you wouldn’t mind sitting between while he piano’d. Secondly, Ted (near as I can tell cause this dude does not have a website for some whackadoo reason) is from Beantown, and would appreciate my calling him wicked cute.

Soak this in:



He’s cute, right? You can check out his instagram here and his tumblr over here. But there is a pretty serious shortage of nudes, FYI.

If I find his XTube channel, I’m updating this post immediately.  In the meantime, Ted, if you read this and you wanna make out or play piano naked with me or something, gimme a shout.  Or if you just wanna talk about doing a duets cover of all of Haunted.





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