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Magical GIF Post

It’s tough coming up with stuff to say about penises right now.


Well. That isn’t entirely true. Just the events of the last week have made it harder for me to see penises as so supremely important.

And then yesterday I came across this beautiful gif on tumblr:


Mutual masturbation, Buddy bate, Jacking, Sex, Naked, Brazil, Hairy, Bate, Antonio Da Silva, Movie


And I realized I was being silly. Penises are supremely important. And this kind of contemplative affection towards them is what we need more than ever right now.


If you subscribe to my personal newsletter, you saw me talking this week about how napping and masturbating (with friends and alone) was how I was processing what happened and what we’re in for in days to come. It’s always been like that for me with big life events.

If you’ve got a buddy with a penis, now is a great time to remind him how special that is. Gentle and affectionate fraternal jacking is a way to let somebody know that they’re ok, that you’re cool with them, and that their pleasure matters.


We need more penis masturbation right now. Love your brothers. Love your brother’s penis.




PS – that gif is from a short film by Antonio Da Silva, who makes beautiful movies about male sexuality, featuring explicit sexual interaction, but which are far to gorgeous and thoughtful to be considered pornography. You should check out his site if you’re into such things.





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