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Video: Make Yourself Gay Through Hypnosis

Yeah. I don’t think it’s real either. But I lol’d.


I don’t even know what I can say about this one. I’m not even totally sure how I came upon this video in the first place. But I’ve watched it several times, and I’m not sure if it’s working. Although I do like the new “enhanced sex noises for deeper mental penetration.”

According to the description, if you’ve “been on the fence lately,” this video will help you decide if you’re actually homosexual in no time at all:


“Thinking about penis but not sure if you’re homosexual? Watch this video for five minutes a day and change your life!” 


Well. I’m always thinking about penis. But I don’t think that’s related to gayness. I just think that’s what everyone is thinking about all the time, too, and we’re just not saying it. So there you go. Test yourself out:




To their credit, I did enjoy that. Sloppy, greasy penis noises will never not be a turn on for me, and this is basically what my brain is doing 24/7 anyway:




So. There you go. Maybe I hypnotized myself gay and didn’t even realize it till I saw this.


How’d you do?







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I guess if hearing masturbations sounds while watching a spiral & seeing the same repeating words is erotic it might work.. I’d suggest looking at your Instagram pictures instead to decide if you’re gay. 🙂




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[…] in hypnosis, is that while you expect that you’re going to be completely unconscious and at the mercy of your hypnotist (like in cartoons), you really aren’t. I was aware and present for everything that was going […]


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