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I Had My Butt Hypnotized

And all I got was this lousy ability to put stuff in my butt a little.


Well, I figure it’s about time I say something about my butt hypnosis cause I’ve talked to a lot of you about it and people keep asking when I’m gonna write about what happened and whether or not I’m cured.




The short version is that I’ve been teasing my buddy Neil (who bills himself as an erotic hypnotist) for over a year now with “omg, I’m gonna do it. You’re gonna hypnotize me and fix my butt troubles!” pretty much on a loop whenever we’d interact. Well, about a month ago, I finally decided to nut up and do it, and the experience was not at all what I was expecting.

Before I do anything (and people who know me can attest to how much research I do about virtually everything I try or experience) I always like to really know what I’m in for. I’m not the best spontaneous guy when it comes to new experiences, and it really helps with my anxiety and comfort level if I know what I’m headed towards. So I spent a couple of afternoons watching just about every hypnosis video on youtube that I could find. I read about various types of hypnosis, what trance states really are, and what you can and can’t expect from post-hypnotic suggestions.

So I felt pretty confident going into my session with Neil, although still uptight about letting somebody into my brain without all my brain defenses on alert.

Neil really takes his time that first session and we had a long discussion about general gay stuff, events we’d both attended, and how small the world is. And he followed that with a light history of the schools of hypnosis and and what one should expect from a session with a hypnotherapist (which, for all of his showmanship and the ‘erotic’ nature of his work, truly is what Neil is). After some quick exercises to sort of test how receptive I’d be to going under, and to hypnotic suggestion in general, he started to do some heavier relaxation visualizations and began making suggestions about butts and my own but in particular and what sort of things are fun and entertaining to do with them.

The contradiction (for me, anyway) in hypnosis, is that while you expect that you’re going to be completely unconscious and at the mercy of your hypnotist (like in cartoons), you really aren’t. I was aware and present for everything that was going on, and could hear and respond to every word being spoken. And while I wasn’t encouraged to respond verbally, I found it exceptionally difficult to not combat some of the suggestions in a Trump-ian manner inside my own head; simply leaning into the microphone and saying “no,” “wrong,” “you are,” when presented with ideas that I knew to be incorrect.

We discussed this a little bit in between dips into relaxation, and Neil didn’t seem concerned with it. It just meant that I would probably require a few sessions to really get to where I wanted to be.

Now, a month on, I don’t know if I am where I want to be, but where I am is not bad. I spent the first few days after the session really thinking about my own butt and about what it meant to have something in there – if my concerns and hesitations about getting fucked were really about the pain involved or about the broader implications of penetration – and then I sort of stopped thinking about it for a while.

But weird stuff started happening.

I would be fooling around with somebody and the idea of their big hard cock going in me was often enough to make my own dick harder, and encourage me to lean back into them a little bit more forcefully. Or I’d be in the shower and while I was washing myself, finger(s) would just sort of casually slip in there and stay for a bit.  There was still the hurty feeling that I try to avoid for the sake of my ass, but it didn’t seem so pronounced or important these times. Eventually I got bold enough to get my Fort Troff prostate massager (review most definitely forthcoming) out and got that thing into position for a good 30-40 minutes of Furutrama and casual jackin it.

I was so excited by how easily it slipped and sat in me (and how honestly comfortable and nice it felt!) that I started texting interested parties about my new discovery (if you got a “you’ll never guess what’s in my butt!” text, I apologize) in the hopes that we were headed towards new arenas of fun and profit.

Since that, though, nothing especially profound has occurred, though that level of anal participation has stayed with me during masturbation or especially long showers. I think it’s going to be some time before I’m ready to let a dude in there properly, but it feels like that might be something on the horizon for me now, instead of “oh, no. I don’t DO that.” Which is where we’ve been for oh, so long.

I’m gonna book another session with Neil, and I’ve got some thoughts about specific things we should probably address and talk about. But overall, I’m very optimistic that this might be how Tyler Gets To Vers.


You can find out more about Neil or what he offers here.







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