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Escort Travels

Since it’s a FAQ, let’s talk about how they work!


Frequently asked questions are always strange to me, because they’re rarely the questions that I would be asking if I were on the other side. In order, they’re usually along the lines of “how do you deal with somebody who is ugly/unattractive?” (this just makes me laugh, and my usual response is that I’ll deal with it if it ever comes up), “why don’t you do in calls?” (again, this seems so obvious as to be silly, but I explain it anyway), and “don’t you find it naughty/exciting/titillating/etc?” (to which I sort of simultaneously squint and roll my eyes because I’m an adult and there’s nothing ‘naughty’ about what I do).

But one that also comes up a lot is how my travels work. I don’t feel like I travel nearly as much as other companions, but I do get around the country a bit each year, and I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up for 2017, too. If you’re ever curious and you don’t want to have to track down all my Rentmen ads, you can always see my calendar here.

When I pop up new on a Rentmen search, most people assume that someone has flown me out and put me up someplace in their city and that they’re just the beneficiary of lucky circumstances. But the truth is that a lot of my traveling is just based on places I’d like to go. I do get brought to specific cities to meet with specific people, but often times I spend all of my time there with that person, and don’t advertise that I’m in town at all.

If you see my ad pop up in your hometown, it’s likely because I just wanted to visit. I’m a bit of a fancy man when it comes to traveling, so I’ll usually book a junior suite or studio at a nice hotel (I really try to avoid anything less than 4 stars), and then send out an email letting people know that I’m gonna be around, if they’re free for dinner or tour guiding.

What people mistake sometimes, though, is that it’s ok to wait till I’m in town to book time with me. This has lead to some confusion and hurt feelings in the past. If I’m coming up on my departure date, and I haven’t heard from anyone in the destination city, it’s not out of the question that I’ll cancel my plans and just stay home and read (pronounced: masturbate).

Inevitably when I do this, I get several emails during the time I was planning to be in whatever city, asking if I’m available that afternoon or night, and I have to write back and apologize for my absence.

The lesson here is: if you think you’re going to be even moderately interested in meeting up when I’m in town, drop me a line immediately! I love hearing from guys, even if we may not be able to get together this round. I could be coming back sooner than you think, and I’ll already know who you are for next time!

Also, subscribe to my email list for my most up to date travel plans, and alerts when I end up with a free fancy suite in NYC (which happens more often than you’d think. Travel industry friends are the best friends to have, tbh).

Even if you’re not sure you’re ready to book, you can still make friends, and ease any hesitations you might have about getting together.


You can read a big long list of my FAQ’s here, but if you’ve got one that didn’t make that cut, you can always submit them anonymously here.








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But what do you do if somebody is really unattractive haha?

Alex Farrior

Dear Tyler,
I’m certain you don’t remember me because my looks and youth had faded, and you wouldn’t have looked at me twice in a bar or a restaruant.
You’re asking me what I think; so I will tell you, and then I will pose a question to you at the end of my e-mail…

Best regards,

Alex Farrior


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