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General Housekeeping and Updates! (+ Bonus Testicle GIFs)

Cause sometimes you gotta clean house.


Just a quick post today to cover some general housekeeping and maintenance stuff.  I’ll be sure and include some bouncing balls at the end as a reward for your patience through the boring stuff. Let’s go!



+ If you’re subscribed through WordPress to receive emails about new posts, I would love it if you’d sign up for the Badwolf/Blog mailing list. The automatic WordPress emails are going to be discontinued after this week, but much prettier and more thoughtful emails will go to list subscribers every time a new post goes live. So you’ll still be the first to know any time there’s a boner I need to make you aware of.




+ We’re getting a lot of traffic here lately, which is really exciting. You don’t have to do anything about that, I just thought it would be fun to share that lots of people (just like you!) are also clicking ’round these parts to see the Skipper’s ballsack, or trying to decide whether to buy that dick toy on Groupon. You’re in good company!



+ There’s a new page here, that explains how product reviews work, and whether or not I get compensated to talk about cool stuff (I don’t). If you’re someone who reps a product or brand and wants to loop me in so’s I can tell everyone I know, check out Advertise to learn about BWB reader stats and my preferences for writing about things.



+ I’m headed to London for the first time in about 1.5 weeks! I’m very nervous, but also very excited. If you’re interested in following along with my journey there, I’d love it if you’d consider signing up for my personal mailing list (unrelated to this blog, but super related to my personal site, and still v NSFW).  That group always gets updates first, and special chances to hang out or come to events with me.



+ Multiple people in the last 30 days have come here by searching “does hanging a towel on your dick hurt” so I’m a little worried about you guys. Here’s a post about how hanging a towel on your penis isn’t gonna make it any bigger. If you… didn’t know that.



+ Snow’s gone!



And now, here’s some bouncing, beautiful testicles to soothe and reward you. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….











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Does hanging a towel on your dick hurt? Probably no more than when I hang my keys off my PA and walk around the house (or go for a walk with them jangling under my kilt). (Hint: It doesn’t hurt at all, and never has)

What a silly question.


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