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5 Minutes of Cubby Popperbate Deliciousness

Dunno who this dude is, but I could watch him work that dong all day.


There hasn’t been a >Monday Masturbator post up here in a while. Let’s fix that. Today is another rando tumblr gem, brought to you courtesy of Goldn Ticket Popper Vids. The guy who runs that tumblr seems to know the star of this clip, but I’m unfamiliar with his work. Which is unfortunate, because he works real good. Here he is poppering up, sharing his dong stroke with somebody on cam, and letting us all watch and enjoy by proxy:




After my own weekend of popperbate goodness, I’m spending the day letting my sinuses recover, but the temptation to break out that brown bottle again was real strong watching this. The audio on this is magical too. I defy you to watch this whole video without getting at least a little boned.  In fact, I know some of you won’t make it :30 in without having your own dongs out and ready.

I know that’s what happened to me. This dude is wicked cute, he’s got a great penis, and his bold, unselfconscious presentation is all it took for me to add yet another layer to the already well-coated hardwood floors under my desk.

You can catch the original post about this on tumblr, and if you dig poppers/penis, you should follow Goldn Ticket Popper Vids. Good stuff in there.

Happy Monday! Penis penis penis.







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