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5 GIF Reaction to “Beer In Ass” Video

Sometimes, there are no words.


As part of my quest to be a better bottom (i.e., bottom at all) I’ve been watching videos of things to see HOW guys are doing it. I think that’s how I came across this horrifying Brazilian clip (delicately titled “Beer in Ass”) featuring a man (successfully) shoving an entire beer can into his BHole.

Since I don’t even know what I can say about any of that, I’m going to just share my reactions to the video, in GIF form. They’ll be timestamped so you know exactly what I’m thinking in the moment.

Ready? (You’re not)


Dorothy, Wizard of Oz, Gasp, GIF

:02 Oh god what??

Lady Gaga, Stop, You have to stop, GIF

:08 STOP! That other guy is clearly using his body weight to JAM that thing in there!

Kanye, Disbelief, Shakes Head, GIF

:29 How… in the… how. What.




What’s REALLY amazing is that you don’t even realize there’s audio until the very end where he sort of goes “ooo” pushing that thing out of him. How he isn’t screaming the entire fucking time, is beyond me.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go rub some soothing lotion on my hole now. Just… it’s upset, ok? This video upset my butthole.






PS – if you had trouble with the embed, you can find the original “Beer in Ass” video here. At your own risk.





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An internal injury waiting to happen. Only a matter of time till the metal gets a dent that lacerates his inner linings. Or, just as possible, he so injures his ring muscles they never fully close and he wears diapers for life


I was just so fucking scared it was gonna get stuck in there. It’s only a matter of time.


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