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Who needs a jock at the gym, right?


It’s been a crazy busy week here in London, and I’m inching up on my last few days, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to share this completely ridiculous/hypnotic video I came across totally by accident on tumblr. I didn’t even follow Dolf Dietrich there (I do now!), but someone reblogged this onto my dash, and I sat and watched it for the better part of half an hour today.

I don’t think there’s a ton of setup necessary here: Dolf’s got a big penis, a shortage of workout underwear, and the decency to film that combination for those of us who enjoy such things. Bless:




I mean. I can’t imagine who isn’t into that. Look at it again:


Dolf Dietrich, Gym, Porn, Workout, Bulge, Cock, Penis, Hardon, Bonuce, Bulge


It’s good right!?   *Contented sigh* I wish more guys would film their cardio and put it on tumblr. The dick-bouncing parts, not the sweaty face, singing-along-to-music parts. Maybe I’ll try making one next time I’m in the gym.


But then, I’m no Dolf Dietrich.


And, lastly, just because I really wanted to emphasize how much I loved it, here’s the whole video, in slow motion with a supergay Kylie song under it:





*bounce bounce*



Cheers, Dolf 😂 Happy Sunday!







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Someone will have some interesting bruises on their inner thighs.:). Though probably it isn’t a great idea to not give the “boys”, and the groin muscles being yanked about, some critical support.



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