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The #21LoadChallenge For Prostate Health

Because September (Prostate Health Month) is too far away. Let’s get healthy RIGHT FUKKN NOW.


Scientists and doctors (and other, assorted smart people who study and know about such things) have long said that one of the best ways to help keep prostate cancer at bay, was regular and thorough exercise of said prostate (primarily through ejaculation, although milking has also been alleged to provide some of the same benefits). As someone with a family history of every imaginable prostate problem, running up both sides of my genetic family tree, I’m always very open to whatever I can be doing to keep that fucker working at peak efficiency as long as possible.

So it was with no shortage of smiling and clapping that I read this article from Men’s Health, citing this study out of Massachusetts from 2016, that states very clearly:


“men ages 20 to 29 who ejaculated 21 times or more each month were 19 percent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than those who ejaculated less often,”


BLAM-O. So now, not only do we have a general sense that busting that nut is generally probably good for your nut busting parts, but we have a specific number that we can all be striving for: Lucky 21.

So it’s with that in mind that I’m instituting the #21LoadChallenge: I’m going to make an effort to cum (either by jackin it, or with buds) every single day for the next 21 days. I know that it seems like I must be hitting this target with great ease already, but there are lots of times when I have to save it up, or when I’m tired or sick or just don’t manage to eek out that pent up seed that day for one reason or another. But not this month!

Now, the article doesn’t state specifically that you should be trying to cum every day for 21 days, so if you think you can make it to 21 in a long weekend, I applaud you and say “more power.” Be sure to drink lots of electrolytes.

I, however, am going to approach this the same way I approach exercising any other part of my body; not in one single WORK-OUT-ALL-THE-THINGS sesh, but in a dedicated, daily focus on doing things effectively and mindfully.

And I invite you to join me! I’ll post whatever I’m jackin it to on tumblr each night and tag it with #21LoadChallenge. Here’s last night’s entry:


I’ve already got some kickass masturbators (I’m gonna try and treat myself to a longer session than my usual strongman’s grip auto-handie-J to really get all that prostatic fluid flushed right out) and I spent part of the afternoon breathing new life into my old Fleshlight Ice with soap and water, alcohol, and cornstarch.

Prostate, Health, Cancer, Massage, Digital, Rectal, Milking, Prostatic Fluid, Ejaculation, CumEven if you’re not gonna post your jack materials to tumblr with me every night, I encourage you to try and make an effort to help this often ignored, but supremely important part of your body work as well and for as long as possible. As anyone who’s ever had a spectacular prostate massage knows, your prostate is your buddy! Keep your buddy in shape!










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Love this. My bf and I going to do this, starting today. We both have a pretty open attitude to masturbation (I’d call myself a bator). I travel a lot for work so when were not together, we’re going to text each other the number we’re on after we’ve ejaculated. We’re aiming for 21 straight days of ejaculations (so will probably (almost definitely)) ejaculate more. Looking forward to this and here’s to good prostate health! Love your blog Tyler. Keep up the great work x


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As usual, you always make me hard when I drop by. and yes Animan is incredible. I particularly love those dad x son bonding cartoons. The Cowboys gang bang wis a must jerk-off to as well. i cum like a horse every time! BTW your tumblr posts are incredible. U like older guys like me, we would fight for those old buggers LOL.


I love a challenge. Mission accepted!


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