I’m in no mood for thinkpieces today.


It’s Tuesday. It’s cold and raining outside. And I’m sad that I’m not naked in Palm Springs anymore. I already did my rant on Chicago being offended that men have genitals and are sexual. And last week, I ranted about how grownups should be better at cleaning their bholes than they are.

So let’s take a brain vacation and soak in a hot tub-o-nuts, yeah? It’s no secret that I love a big, full sack and have an irrational desire to put all the balls I see in my mouth and then hold them gently until it’s time to put them in my mouth again. I even wrote a whole thing about Deviant Otter and how frequently his nuts look like perfect ❤’s.

Without further ado, here’s 20 pairs of testicles for #testicletuesday:








That was refreshing, right? I’m refreshed. If you need testicle tumblrs, may I highly recommend both Dads and Balls, and Big Balls Pervert, where many of these photos are from. One or two of these testicles may even be my own!



Happy Tuesday.








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Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)

It’s a day early for #TesticleTuesday, but you guys don’t seem to mind. https://t.co/iQQKGuWXRP



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