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Testicle Tuesday: 10 Amazing Ball Stretching Pics

Ball Stretching is the new black. 


Deviant Otter, Balls, Nuts, Scrotum, Naked, Sex, Fucking, Ass, HairyIt’s Tuesday! And while I don’t make a habit of it here, we’ve certainly used that as an excuse to talk about the beauty of balls before. There was this this post about the inherent comfort generated by cupping your balls, this one about Deviant Otter and his naturally heart-shaped testicles, and then this one that was just an ode to the beauty of aesthetic af nuts. Sometimes they’re just gorgeous all on their own!

But sometimes, it takes some work to get those big balls to their most beautiful state. I’m talking about ball stretching, and if we’ve talked about nuts in real life for even a few moments, I’ve certainly managed to bring up my desire to have long, pendulous nuts at some point in the future. I’m a big believer in stretching, and wear my weights whenever I have the opportunity.

But I can’t compete even slightly with the dudes in these photos. These guys have committed to the ball stretching life and it is completely incredible. I don’t know how these dudes find or wear shorts in public, since some of them surely lose those swingers out the pant leg every time they sit or stand.


10 Amazing Ball Stretching Pics




It’s tough to enunciate the rationale behind this practice, and I often relegate it to the same arena as any other body modification: it’s just what I want. It doesn’t have some deep-seated psychological drive behind it. It’s just cool! I think big, fat bull balls are cool too, but there isn’t really anything I can do to make my existing nuts fatter and heavier.

But I can stretch their container beyond its original shape to create the pendulum effect I find so enticing. And I’ve done pretty well so far! I can get an entire fist behind them (and often do when I’m jacking), and look forward to more progress the longer I wear my weights. 


You can find the sources for these photos here, and if you’re up there and don’t want to be, just reach out! I’m happy to remove or add additional credit for your amazing hard work!


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Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)

Good morning, #TesticleTuesday! Here’s some guys who have done EPIC fucking work stretching their nuts out: https://t.co/mSVAEjKEDq


Have been stretching for some time but I’m nowhere some of these guys,amazing I love love guys with big low hanging balls 😍😍😍

Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)

[…] opening, I’ve for sure told you about my obsession with trying to stretch my nuts. I even did a whole Testicle Tuesday worship post to guys who are farther along than I […]


[…] We’ve done a few #TesticleTuesday posts in the past (this one, this one about stretched nuts, and then this one about Deviant Otter’s perfectly heart-shaped balls), and they seem to go […]


Totally awesome



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