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Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2017

I know it’s a cheat post, but I miss you guys.


Can you believe we made it through all of December without any commentary on guys not connecting during Penis Time, or why Assturbation is just as important as the front stuff?

I can. But that’s because I live here. And I’ve been going through some personal stuff that’s kept my attention away from this world. But things are on the incline now, and there will be room to discuss all of that in the fullness of time.

For now, I want to share the stuff that you guys liked the most on Instagram, and share a little gratitude that anyone bothers to  the stuff I make and post.  I try to keep myself sane about the relative value of social media popularity, but the kindness (almost exclusively kindness there) I get on IG has been magical for me.

Regular readers might recall that I was summarily dismissed from Instagram last May for reasons that were never explained to me. I snuck back in around October and have been welcomed with even more open arms than before. And have so far avoided the dreaded IG Shadowban. I’d love to get my correct username back, but one step at a time, I suppose.



Top 5 Instagram Posts 2017















If you don’t follow me on IG, now’s your chance! Gimme a shout there and I’ll do my best to follow back.

Here’s to finally getting over that 1k mark on likes in 2018! Narcissism! Wooo!



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