Stuff I ❤ / 14.07.2016


Hey! I clean up ok!

  That's not totally fair though. I do clean up ok, but Jahn Hall knows how to make even the messiest among us look entirely covetable. These are from a few months ago and I've been harassing him ever since to get more outta him. I almost never love photos of me, but his stuff really makes me look better than I even do in real life.
Stuff I ❤ / 05.06.2016

Puts the Adult in 'Adult Coloring Book.'   I'm not one to jump on every cultural bandwagon that rolls by me, so I've been pretty hesitant to get jazzed about this adult coloring book nonsense that's going around.  I'm much more fond of reading a good book than I am of being...

Stuff I ❤ / 18.04.2016

The largest selection of new and used cock rings in the tri-state area! I don't know that Mr. Show was the funniest thing that's ever been on television, but it was one of those cultural things that hits you just at the right time so as to make an impression on...

Stuff I ❤ / 21.03.2016

From Seth MacFarlane's Cartoon Cavalcade of Comedy   [embed][/embed] I don't have anything pithy about this. I stumbled across it by accident last week and have laughed myself silly over it several times since then, just leaving it open in a tab on my browser. I honestly don't know why I find it so...



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