Stuff I ❤ / 28.12.2015

You know. Just like real life.   This is a short film titled Going to the Store that I never have an excuse to talk about it on manhuntdaily. So I'm tossing it in here, because it's got some naked stuff in it. It's topical. Store is from a few years ago and was...

Stuff I ❤ / 26.12.2015

Except that the human body doesn't work like that!

Natural Penis Enlargement: Towel/Penis Workouts: We can probably file this under "too good not to share (ridiculous)."  Now I know that everybody is trying to sell a thing that's going to make your penis bigger and give you huge, explosive, stroke-inducing orgasms, but c'mon dude. Nobody's gonna buy your book if the free advice you offer on your site is hang a towel off your erection until you see some gainz.
Playlist, Stuff I ❤ / 22.11.2015

Strange times call for strange music. And this time of year, preferably quiet music. It's been a strange three months and like I lamented here, we're still not out of the woods. So maybe hibernation is the way to go. Just duck into winter and stockpile some snacks for late night/late afternoon...



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