Stupid / 29.01.2017

Cause sometimes you gotta clean house.   Just a quick post today to cover some general housekeeping and maintenance stuff.  I'll be sure and include some bouncing balls at the end as a reward for your patience through the boring stuff. Let's go!   [vc_separator type='small' position='center' color='#757575' thickness='' up='' down='']   + If you're subscribed...

Stupid / 30.12.2016

Cause it's my blog and what I say is more important than what the pageviews say.   Yesterday we got in our obligatory Ten Most Viewed Posts post for 2016. I tallied up all the numbers and pageviews and things and came up with the most viewed/shared/commented posts over the last year...

Stupid / 06.11.2016

Why? Who cares! You've probably got your reasons!   I would like to start by disclaiming how secretly actually excited I was when my buddy sent me this blog post about these boxer briefs designed to make your front stuff look like a snarling wolf. I was all set to buy them,...

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