Stuff I ❤, Thinky Stuff / 08.05.2017

Hey! That's me!   I wrote a little article for Thought Catalog and I'd love it very much if you'd read it. Here's an excerpt: [vc_separator type='small' position='center' color='#707070' thickness='' up='15' down='15'] How Being A Professional Companion Taught Me To Be A Better Boyfriend     by Tyler Dårlig Ulv | MAY 8, 2017   A little over a year ago...



Unless you work at a dick factory, literally nothing on this blog is safe for work. So heads up: you’re gonna see penises, butts, general nudity, depictions of sexual interactions, and me saying words like dong, cock, wang, peenor, peen, jizz, bust, bate, fuck, stroke, and ballback, ad nauseam.