Field Trip / 06.12.2015

Me and my tired penis are going home to bed.   I don’t have anything particularly groundbreaking to talk about here tonight. I’m currently on my way back to New York after a restful weekend away in Sacramento and am greatly looking forward to my own bed and shower. I’ve spent the last...

Masturbation is Amazing / 19.11.2015

  The Phallic Brotherhood brings new wisdom into my life. Or it just puts concise words to the kind of sex I enjoy having. Either way.   I feel like I've been saying "yeah, but I'm not gay like you're gay," my whole life, without ever being able to explain it better than that....

Masturbation is Amazing, Stuff I ❤ / 27.03.2014

I feel like I'm constantly talking about group sex stuff on here to the point that you guys surely must be bored of it by now.  But I don't care, because I've found a new hobby and it's awesome and I wanna tell you about it. So, group masturbation is awesome. ...

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