Thinky Stuff / 24.12.2015

Because "Holiday" is for Communists, and this is America. I'm not a big family guy - if you know me, I'm sure we've talked about it at some point. I'm at an age where most of my family scatters for the major holidays, lest we should all have to spend time...

Field Trip / 06.12.2015

Me and my tired penis are going home to bed.   I don’t have anything particularly groundbreaking to talk about here tonight. I’m currently on my way back to New York after a restful weekend away in Sacramento and am greatly looking forward to my own bed and shower. I’ve spent the last...

Masturbation is Amazing / 19.11.2015

  The Phallic Brotherhood brings new wisdom into my life. Or it just puts concise words to the kind of sex I enjoy having. Either way.   I feel like I've been saying "yeah, but I'm not gay like you're gay," my whole life, without ever being able to explain it better than that....

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