Video / 08.05.2016

Sunday mornings are for books, black coffee, and the Times.   I still manage to find a way to work every day, but I try to take Sunday mornings for myself. Most of my friends aren't up before noon anyway, and even the rest of the city seems to sleep in an...

Body/Building / 01.05.2016

Stuff about ball cancer you might think is real but isn't.   Somehow I totally missed the note about April being Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (not to be confused with November, which is prostate-specific and men's health-generally) and we sailed right on into May without acknowledging it! I blame this primarily on...

Playlist / 01.05.2016

  New York + Spring = Jazz. Obvs.   I listen to way more jazz than I think  I even realize sometimes. It's just sort of ever-present in my day.  New York has a lot of jazz naturally, street musicians, and shop music and more than a few good jazz clubs.  But I...

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